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Charlise Castro, owner of Castro Fit, is an olympic athlete - who's husband is also the super talented George Springer (MVP - Houston Astros). Being a fitness junkie and athlete all her life, she wanted to get out there and help others on their fitness journey as well. She knew very little about websites or branding in general, but has great taste in knowing what style she wanted to create for her logos and sites. Together we worked on creating her brand - inspired by an urban/chic flair from her New York side - which included her logo, fitness plans, website and social media launch post.

Check her out her site and fitness plans! 

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Diosa Del Sol is an ethical jewellery company started by two Michelle's from Canada - after travelling to Guatemala and bringing home goodies that people loved - their business started. Besides the beautiful jewelry, there's even a more beautiful story behind them - which are the makers. Sourcing artisans from Guatemala is just the start of Diosa Del Sol, they are hoping to travel and meet other artists and hoping to offer to sell their goodies in order to help them create a more sustainable life for the artists and their families. Together we put a site together that is both fun and colourful just like the accessories! With branding created, we just created an extension of their style onto their site.

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This was new territory for me, never having done branding for anything that was related to agriculture. I created something fun and added a modern twist to what most butcher branding identity looks like.  The client liked the classic font with maybe an image of something that represented 'organic'. 


The District is a recording studio based in Fort McMurray, designed for local youth and musicians to create art. This was an exciting project for the community since this was something was missing in such a vibrant and growing community of young people. Keeping in the mind the style of modern, simplistic, and architecture vibes - we created the brand. Check out their site and see the awesome creations they've come up with in partnership with the local youth. 

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Aurora Basketball has grown like crazy in the last couple of years - we started this project as something fun for the summer time. The founders Brooke & Dan wanted a place to teach kids basketball in summer/fall - since they both had a background in basketball and a heart for teaching, it just made sense! And from there history was made in the community - they now provide monthly camps for basketball lovers from the little ones to the adults! Based out of Fort McMurray, we incorporated the Northern Lights inspiration into the logo and branding of their website. 

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